Friday, September 4, 2015

Wings of Glory Play by Email - Game 14

Bombing mission this time and I was German, in control of H2, a Rumpler D.IV with four bombs on the southern part of the board, and H1, an Albatross D.Va protecting the northern German airfield.

I had carefully lined up my bomber but at the last minute realised I was too loaded with bombs to perform  maneuver I needed to place my bombs on target.  Doh!  (I had forgotten when carrying bombs I need two non-difficult moves between difficult moves and that a dive was a difficult move)

As my Rumpler flies over its target my Albatross, after a bit of flying, has positioned itself to intercept the enemy.

 Rumpler slowly comes around happy to see no enemy planes in the vicinity, unlike my Albatross which is in the thick of things

Slowly goes the Rumpler, ratta-tat-tat goes the Albatross.

Rumpler is now in position, Albatross is doing well.

Bombs away!

Not sure I hit anything, but it has sure stirred up the opposition.  Can my Rumpler escape?

My Albatross gets a kill while my Rumpler starts to use its superior climbing ability to getaway.

Things were looking a bit hairy but I think we are through the worst...

Crunch!  My Albatross is involved in a mid air collision and comes off badly, very badly.  KIA.

Rumpler looks safe.  Nothing like a bit of altitude to give you attitude.

The Rumpler's observer is wounded, but the smokey enemy plane is easy to spot.

The Rumpler's altitude and turning had kept it safe till now.

Phew!  The enemy has decided to go after other targets.

The Rumpler circles around,

A damaged friendly plane is trying to make it back to base.

My Rumpler will use this an as excuse to maintain its height and flying pattern.

 The damaged friendly plane doesn't make it... :-(

All over.

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