Sunday, September 20, 2015

Waterloo Take Two - Part 1

Napoleon (Mark B) was having a late breakfast when news arrived that the Prussians were coming. He decided on an immediate attack.

Mark from the ANF joined the French side and Stephen B took command of the Anglo-Allies (Stephen N would be arriving later).  Yes, it was two Marks versus two Stephens.  I umpired and mentored and tried out various rules from the new Edition of Napoleon's Battles as well as some variations I was testing (I will make a subsequent post on these rule adaptions).

The big picture at the end of the 11:30 turn.

Napoleon sent Ney against Papelotte and Smohain.   

Reille tested the defences of Huoguomont.  Note Bachelu all alone on the right.

Bachelu's division was very badly mauled by the RHA. 

Ney leads a division of heavy cavalry against the Anglo-Allied artillery near Papelotte.

On the French left Pire's cavalry attacks as Jerome's troops attempt to isolate Huoguomont.  Wellington uses a Free Roll to save Cooke.  These French attacks fail.

End of the 12:00 turn and Ney has started to contest the ridge on the Anglo-Allied left as the French are trying to push through the gap between Papelotte and Smohain.

The 1st and 2nd Ligne have attacked, but Arenschildt's cavalry spoil their attack.  This is a good example of interpenetration, the cavalry having come from the rear.  The units might looked like packed formations but they are around 80% empty space, the critical thing, and only possible because of the small size of Arenschildt's brigade, is that there still needs to be space to fit.  It is also an example of a combined arms attack (or rather defense).  The French infantry broke, but British cavalry (or rather KGL) went on to break against a brigade of Cuirassiers which then triggered a counterattack by the French cavalry that crushed another Anglo-Allied cavalry brigade which in recoiling disordered yet another cavalry brigade.

Ney attacks Papelotte and British cavalry attack the French 4th Division that has now crossed the Ohain brook.

The Carabiniers have now joined in the attack on the Byng's Guards brigade covering the rear of Huoguomont.

The Scots Greys make their first charge destroying a brigade of the French 2nd Division which had been badly shot up and then shot up some more by the RHA positioned to the rear of La Haye Sainte.

The end of the 12:30 turn.  The French have captured Papelotte, but their other attacks have been repulsed

Ney leads an attack on two Hannoverian Landwher brigades 

The defenders of Huoguomont are being worn down.

The Anglo-Allies counter attack against Ney.

Ney is triumphant!  Well, not quite.  The brigade to which is he attached is routed but he escapes.

End of the 13:00 turn.  Up till now the French have been losing more troops than their adversaries, but this changed with this turn.  Both sides have had a unit dispersed and have used two Free Rolls.

The other significant thing about the 13:00 turn is the arrival of Blucher.  But has he brought any troops with him?

Another major attack on the Allied right.  Is that the Cumberland Hussars about to engage the French Cuirassiers lead by Kellerman?

Huoguomont is attacked!

The Empress Dragoons and Guard Lancers charge the two British brigades in Picton's Division. 

The French cavalry are repulsed, but it cost Wellington three Free Rolls.

The attack on Huoguomont failed, but the defending Guards died to a man to achieve that.  The Allied right also has been pushed back.  The Cumberland Hussars have retired to Brussels to announce Wellington's defeat.  Are they right?

At the end of the French 13:30 turn we called it a day.  The Anglo-Allies have a chance to reoccupy Huoguomont and repair their lines.  The Prussians will also start to arrive.  

So far the French have lost 21 bases including 1 unit dispersed (Schmitz's brigade of the 2nd Division).  They have 6 Free Rolls remaining.   The Anglo-Allies have lost 14 bases including 3 units dispersed (Maitland's brigade of Guards, the 2nd Nassau and the Cumberland Hussars) along with 5 artillery batteries.  They have only 3 Free Rolls left.


  1. Lucky Ney! :o)
    marvelous writing, great photos - overall a great games report well done!

  2. Plenty of action early on both left and right flanks. Is a drive on the centre on the cards?
    Sounds like a most enjoyable game (of course). The toned down mat/map looks much better doesn't it?
    Looking forward to seeing the report of part two next week!

    1. It was a pity you couldn't make it, but your Mark was an excellent representative for the ANF.

  3. Good posting Sun of York. Gripping, as indeed this game is.
    Yes James, the Guard are on the move in the centre.

    1. I hope your photos don't suffer so much from shaking hands that some of mine do - must have been the need for coffee or perhaps the strength of the coffee? LOL.

      Thanks for hosting.

    2. Excellent! Good to see Mark on the 'right' side for a change!
      Go Biko!!