Sunday, July 29, 2012

WW2 Australian Infantry 15mm – Part 2

Finished!  Well, one packet anyhow.  I agonised over how to base them and finally settled on FOW medium sized stands of four figures and FOW small sized stands for pairs and singles.  The singles I want as platoon commanders for Crossfire.

The next decision was what scenic material to use.  I ended up using premixed plaster of the type I use when doing odd jobs around the house.  It worked really well and took the Tamiya Flat Earth XF52 paint easily.  I then used watered down PVA glue and sprinkled sand over it.  Next I did a patchy dry brush of Vallejo Stone Grey and finally a sparse sprinkle of some yellowish flock before adding the odd bit of scrub.

Based, but before sand applied:

And now ready for action:

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