Thursday, October 11, 2018

Nikephorian Byzantine versus 100 Years War English

My second league game and I am happy to say the dice were with me.  Dave's 100 year old English were a bit tired I think...

 End of turn 1 and I send my light cavalry off on the flanks.

 End of turn 2 from the English side and my cavalry are nicely round the flanks.
The terrain throws had three "nothing"results.

 End of Turn 3 and the English are trying to engage the Byzantine light cavalry.
The Byzantine foot are trying to keep away from the English longbow.

 Turn 4 and the Byzantine foot start moving up.

 Turn 5 and the Byzantine foot keep advancing,
while the Byzantine cavalry surrounds the English knights.

 Turn 6 and the English knights have been routed,
the rest of the English line has become entangled with the Byzantines.

 Turn 6 and the English are broken.

And just for emphasis, a shot from the English side.
They have one unit of billmen still fresh, the remaining units are very worn.
The Byzantines had only lost one unit.


  1. I must have left those horsemen in the box too long. Man they seem keen!

    1. They were certainly keen to avoid the English longbows.

      But they certainly didn't hesitate to come to close quarters with the English knights.

  2. Replies
    1. I was lucky with the terrain dice, but the Basic Impetus 2.0 table size does allow for some maneuverability.