Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Normandy 44 - Turns 8 to 9

Two, tense, nerve wracking turns completed yesterday.

 The Axis had made some unlucky attacks and the Commonwealth had made a very successful riposte with the 7th Armoured Division.

 The Panzer Lehr had a lucky escape.

 But the Americans had a very lucky escape from a Nazi counterattack by the 17th SS,
 that if it had been successful might have seen a breakthrough to the beach.
(I did say it was a nerve wracking couple of moves)

 The end of the 14th of June sees further success by the Commonwealth forces.

All the lines on the map serve a purpose.  The blue dashed line is the limit of Allied naval bombardment.  The reddish brown dotted line is the historical limit of the Allied invasion at the games end.  It is used to determine victory points.

 The Omaha front is just a grind.

Most attacks start at 1:1 and then there are shifts for troop quality (basically German panzer infantry and both sides' paratroops), armour, artillery (seriously limited by supply availability), air and naval bombardment.  Except for major rivers, terrain just boosts combat factors.  Combat factors are capped at 18 for both defence and attack.

But on the Cherbourg peninsula things are more fluid.

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