Sunday, July 3, 2016

Big Impetus

Four players aside. Over a thousand points of Sassanids attack an equal force of Romans.

Big thanks to Andrew for organising the game and for taking on the onerous job of the Visigoths who sided with the Romans.  The Roman C-in-C was Geoff, supported by Olivier and Paul.  I commanded the Sassanids with Mark B and Mark W as my able Sassanid sub-commanders and Stephen running the Hun allies.

Stephen, commander of the Huns, taunts Romans before battle.  
(Note: red dots do not indicate sales, but troops on opportunity)

It was hard to get the whole field in one shot.

The Roman view.

End of Turn 1 and the Sassanid centre starts to creep forward.

Turn 2 and a double move has disordered the Sassanids.  Mark B is moving some light cavalry (LC) across to shield the Sassanid centre.

Around this time I realised I better get my elephants moving if they were going to get into the battle.

Turn 3 and the centre is fairly quiet, but on the wings...

The right wing, where we had planned our main attack comes up against the Roman CinC's force.

On the left the plan was for the Huns to hold the Romans at bay.

Turn 4.  Roman archery is taking a toll.

The Huns are doing their thing.

While on the right the attrition mounts.

Turn 5.  Huns have the Roman right wing pinned down.

The right centre is battling it out.

Far right (and there is a fringe as well - two Roman light cavalry units are making their way around the impassable swamp).

Very slow elephants.

Turn 6 and the Sassanid attack has gone in.

Huns are holding of the Roman right

But the Sassanid right is struggling

Turn 7 Huns are okay

But as for the Sassanids...

Well, we did break the enemy line (see top left corner of above photo - the unit with the shiny command card shows a Sassanid commander (Mark B) has broken through).

But the cost has been too high in Sassanid lives.  The Sassanid CinC will not press the attack (the Romans will be round his flank unless he pulls back now).

Precious few Sassanid units remain on the right

The Huns can cover the retreat.

Turn 8 (the last three photos above) saw both Sassanid commands on the right break.  

Game over.

Big thank you to Andrew for organising and to all the players for a very smooth and fun game.

Here are some supplementary photos from Stephen's trusty phone

The Hun nobles

The view from the Roman left flank as the Sassanids begin their attack

Last hurrah of the Sassanid right

The Sassanid centre, in position, moving up, not quiet getting there.


  1. Replies
    1. I can take no credit. Figures are from Andrew, Geoff and Mark B's collections. They certainly looked impressive on the table top.

  2. Good looking game; it's always nice to see folks having some fun with lots of wee men.

  3. Good post Sun O' York. We must try U = 17mm. Shall we organise a rematch in Rosie's Garden Bunker - before Paul goes back to Bleak City?

    1. Thanks. Yes, just need to check the maths. Also best to lock in a time or the opportunity will escape us.

  4. Great looking game, sounds a fun day


    1. Thanks. We started set up around 8:30 and the game finished at 2:30. So six hours minus a break for lunch (say half an hour). A good day and fun (I didn't mention the variation to generals, but the Roman C-in-C rolled up and became Charismatic; the Hun rolled Poor as did one of the Romans and another Sassanid was upgraded to Expert)

  5. Looks like a great day!


    1. Certainly was. Nothing like a big multiplayer wargame. Impetus rules worked well, although we were blessed with Andrew's detailed knowledge of the rules.

  6. shame I couldnt make it... next time (life permitting)

  7. shame I couldnt make it... next time (life permitting)