Monday, May 2, 2016

1000 Point Impetus Game

On Saturday I umpired a 1,000 point Impetus game, four players per side, pitting my Greeks against Mark B's Sassanids (fleshed out with a loan of additional Sassanids from Andrew).

We went for two 6x4 tables placed end to end giving a comfortable 12x4 playing area.  As Mark B was running late I set terrain.  He did have a plan though and the Greeks were caught at a disadvantage.

Hard to get a picture of the whole Greek set up.  It is nearly every painted Hellenistic figure I've got, all Tin Soldier, a collection I've been working on since the mid 1980s.

The Greek right wing commanded by Dave B who also was the Greek CinC.  Next command was Allen (brother to Olivier), in his first Impetus game.

Then Brynden and finally Mark Woods on the Greek left.  

The Sassanids could all fit in one photo.  They were commanded by Mark B, ably assisted by Mark from the ANF, Stephen N and Olivier.

Another look at the Sassanids.  They were a bit short on for light cavalry and in retrospect I think their plan would have gone better with more light cavalry as the medium cavalry bow just didn't have the movement flexibility.

As can be seen the Sassanids had been able to deploy all their army effectively facing just half the Greek army.  As the best Greek troops were on the right, they didn't get to play much of a part on the battle.

The Greek javelin armed skirmishers got lucky against the enemy.  The peltasts were also able to take advantage of the broken terrain.

The Greeks go on opportunity while the Sassanids struggle forward.

Once they spread out there was a lot of them, but they lost one command at this stage and were threatened on their right.

In they charged.

The combats were fairly inconclusive.  As can be seen half the Greek army is still redeploying.

Unfortunately we ran out of time at this point.  We'd had about seven turns in a six hour period.  


  1. The Successors played well. I guess this shows that a 1000 pt Impetvs game will take longer than 7 hours.

    1. You'd have to structure things so you had simultaneous moves to get it going faster I think as well as stopping the smokos.

  2. See Brynden's post on this game here: