Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flaming Fokkers

Last night we played an ambush scenario of Wings of Glory with three Fokkers surprising an Allied bomber escorted by two Sopwith Camels.  We were using altitude but it doesn't show in the pictures.  Basically the Camels were above and the bomber below the Fokkers for most of the game.

The game got off to an immediate start as the Fokkers (I was in command of the red one and the zebra, Simon had the yellow one) swooped on the bomber (Stephen N who also had one of the Camels under his command, with Stephen B taking the other Camel - all the models and accessories are Stephen N's).

Bomber set on fire, but oh dear, the three Fokkers collided!  

The yellow Fokker caught fire and then exploded while the zebra Fokker trailed smoke as it headed for home.

The red Fokker which was suffering engine failure pursued the bomber a bit before it too decided to head for home (both of my Fokkers had taken a lot of damage in the collision).

In heading for home it got a long distance shot in on one of the Camels that promptly blew up!

It made for a very quick game.


  1. Cool, reminds me of the old Dog Fight board game

  2. What a Fokk-up! Two plane collision, understandable, but three?

    I would have liked to have played in this.

    Tally ho for next time.

  3. Good stuff! At least In X Wing when they collide they don't blow up... though that could make an interesting house rule...

  4. Thanks for the comments, Wings of Glory always gives a fun game..

    The explosion was due to the fire caused by the collision and happened the turn after.