Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pousard Leipzig Project – Part 6

A further installment from Lawrence with the covering post from the Yahoo Group - The Unofficial Napoleon's Battles Group:

"Ok the battle finally began, I really underestimated the time it would take to play. After going over the rules and demonstrating how a turn would go (with the little card board pieces and watching a youtube vid) with my other opponents and well technical difficulties associated with the family, we finally started Friday and began again Saturday. We were only able to get to the 12:30 turn when we stopped and will begin again next weekend with the aim of finishing the day of the 16th. I am by no means an expert on the rules, but I didn't think I had forgotten as much as I did for not playing them for a few years( I guess playing Xbox too much really can destroy brain cells...LOL). I posted some photos of the battle in my album on the yahoo group.
Best Regards

Dec 2 5:17 AM

Reproduced below are the photos and accompanying titles from the Yahoo album.  Any additional comments are mine.

Austrian III Corps slowly moving into position.

Bertrand moving to support Lindenau.

Charge and counter-charge.

For any viewers not familiar with 1st Edition Napoleon's Battles, the yellow counters are react markers used to denote that a cavalry unit may move in response to enemy movement; blue counters are disorder markers, disorder generally caused by enemy fire with the result that disordered units can't fire, move at half speed and have a minus three combat modifiers; green counters denote limbered artillery (not to be confused with march column); and the grey counters are to show casualties. 

French brigades pinned in square by allied cavalry attacks.

French counter charging action at Liebertwolkwitz.

French forces moving forward.

French guard troops re-positioning forward.

French V and CC moving forward

More cavalry charges being counter charged

Poles blasted out of Markleeberg.

The pink counter denotes a routed unit.  Certainly in games I have played the way to clear towns is to use  fire rather than close combat.  It takes time, but the dice will eventually be with you.

Prussian advance stalled.

Situation 11:30 at Connewitz.

Situation at 12:00 with Russian GN followed by the Allied staff.

Situation 12:30 looking from NE to W.

Situation 12:30 looking from north to south.

Situation 12:30 looking from SE to NW.

Situation approximately 11:30 vicinity of Mockern.

Situation at 9:30 - 10:00 after a few earlier allied cavalry attacks.

Excellent work Lawrence!

Massive game and I like how you can seen the action unfolding in the photos.  Lawrence has applied his troop labels in the vertical fashion and they look less intrusive than the style I use.  The counters help tell the narrative as well.

I am looking forward to seeing how this game continues.  So far I have only completed table B, A and D with the big one on Table C still to do.  Here are the links to the three games for comparison purposes:

Just to restate this is not my game, figures or pictures.  The aim of this post is to give wider access to people interested in the subject of refighting Napoleonic battles using miniatures, particularly 1/72nd scale plastic figures.

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