Saturday, November 23, 2013

Borodino in 5mm using Napoleon’s Battles

I’m chuffed!

I was sure I didn’t have any pictures of my 5mm Russian Napoleonic army and the game of Borodino when they had their big day out, but today I found these photos.

It was a good camera, 35mm SLR, for its day back in  the 1990s, but I wasn’t the greatest photographer.  These photos have been scanned in at 1200 DPI and that at least allows some “looking” at the figures which is more than I can do peering at the original photos.  Sadly a lot of the figures are out of focus.

I can recall almost nothing of the game except it was dominated by artillery. The other thing I remember was how dark it was looking at the figures.  As can be seen the labels are very prominent and essential to knowing who is who and what is what.  The terrain was done by me and is basically a hand painted sheet.  The redoubts were marked by tape.  The white church was mine (still have it – souvenir from a holiday in Greece ten years earlier; how about that for planning/foresight?).

I can't recall who the other players were but I think it was again hosted at Dave Gray's place.  A lot of the figures would have been Brenton's.

It would have been shortly after this game that I sold my 5mm army (the only time I have parted with any of my stuff for money) and switched into 15mm.

But I sure am happy to have these pictures.

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