Sunday, October 27, 2013

Japanese Schoolgirls With Swords

I thought it was worth linking to this interesting post, particularly as I went to a bit of effort to add my comment to the discussion.

I didn't actually know you can get miniatures of Japanese schoolgirls with swords, but I am not surprised. Here is a picture of what one looks like:

From I hasten to add, not from my figure collection, I wouldn't want anyone thinking I'm creepy because I collected figures like that.

The nearest thing to a Japanese schoolgirl I have in my collection is Ryuk:

Hardly creepy at all! 

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  1. My daughter (17) is big into anime and manga. She makes us all watch some of the anime. So we've seen things far stranger than schoolgirls with swords. Schoolgirls with swords are quite normal, in that particular genre.