Thursday, June 20, 2013


Finally got to see the movie Dune again, but oh my, how it has dated.  And so stylistic!  It was only after watching halfway through that I could relax into what my partner had referred to as a soap opera.  I have listened to the sound track (by Toto but with a central piece by Brian Eno) a lot and this made the movie very familiar even though I didn’t remember that much of it.  I had also played the boardgame a lot (the Avalon Hill one based on the book, not the one based on the movie – which I have not seen and only know about from doing my research for this post) and fondly remember much of the affected dialogue we used while playing. 

Information about the boardgame can be found here and here

Sadly I don’t have a copy and I see it sells for a premium on eBay.  At least I now have the book, just have to find the time to read it.

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