Sunday, May 12, 2013

Revell’s Deutsche Artillerie WWII – finished

Well, the gun is now finished; still have the limber to go. This gun was one of my identified 2013 projects so it is good to get some further closure on completing the various things I have underway, but never seem to get done.

It can be the divisional artillery regiment if I play MegaBlitz, a battery if I play BlitzKrieg Commander or a single gun for Crossfire.

Given I first posted about this model in January 2011, it has taken well over two years to get it to a playable state.  I had fun researching it and deciding on the basing, going more for the diorama than functional as the 9cm square base will take up a good amount of space on the table top.


  1. Lovely job on this. I have one on the table at the moment as well.

  2. Thanks. I must admit that the photo and the matt varnish has really brought out the best in these figures, my paint job was rather ordinary, especially on the gun - just black undercoat and German grey over paint with a dry bursh of gun metal and dark grey as an after thought.