Monday, March 4, 2013

Alexandrian Macedonian vs Late Achaemenid Persian

My 600 point Alexandrian Macedonian army took the field against Richard's Late Achaemenid Persians. The light infantry planned to use the vineyard to help them shield the flank of the two pike phalanxes who were to make a slow advance.  The mercenary Hoplites and the Hypaspists formed my centre and were to push forward to pin the Persians while the cavalry that formed the right was to aggressive engage the enemy.

The bulk of the Persian host (with their backs literally to the wall) as they appeared to my army.  They have another two or three units deployed on their right as well – there is a lot of them!  The centre is dominated by the steep hill and there are ploughed fields on both flanks.

The Thracian light cavalry get into trouble and are eventually wiped out, but the Agema and Thessalians are still eventually able to destroy the Persian left flank.

Things also go well in the centre with the Persian cavalry driven back and ultimately destroyed and the Hypaspists getting to grips with the Persian infantry and besting them.

This pike block is well screened by the light infantry who were doing a good job in holding up the Persians. 

However the pikemen got over confident and charged in. 

It was a drawn out fight, but they had taken on too much and even after their general joined them they were still unable to turn things around and were eventually routed, their general dying in the process.  However the other pike block met their enemy and quickly routed them thereby demoralising the Persian army.  My army did have its camp sacked, but that is a small price to pay for victory. 

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