Thursday, August 9, 2012

Song of Drums and Shakos

Last night I played my first two games of Napoleonic skirmish using the rules Song of Drums and Shakos (SDS) - most enjoyable for a quick, easy, no fuss game. 

In the first game I didn’t really know what I was doing and hid my guys behind trees.  My activation rolls were poor eerily paralleling my own indecision.   After losing a few men I finally got into line and started to get my act together.  Some good shooting found my British Lights restoring the kill ratio and going on to win.  In the next game I kept a tight formation and stayed put, using volley fire to take out the advancing French.  It was a close run thing as I was losing guys almost as fast as the enemy, but in the end, luck prevailed.

Thanks to Adam for the Perth Miniatures Gamers Group for providing the opportunity.

The other bit of magic, having decided to take up the offer of a game I thought I better do a bit of research.  I was able to get the rules via iTunes and have a read before the game.  Now all I have to do is find where iTunes has hidden the actual document so I can print out the quick reference sheet.  One stupid thing was iTunes made me click agree to some 38 pages of legal nonsense before it would let me purchase the $6.99 book which is, in its hard copy form, around 38 pages.

Another good thing was Adam’s figures were from Victrix and so now I know what to do with mine – paint them up for Napoleonic skirmish using SDS (along with all those odds and sods 25mm Minifig and Hinchcliffe figures from the previous century.)

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