Sunday, April 22, 2012

50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division – Part 8

The Royal Artillery 74th Field Regiment and Royal Artillery 124th Field Regiment elements now complete.  Yeah!  The final delay was running out of matt varnish and having trouble finding some more, but job done now.   Along with some dug-in markers, there are also extra support units that I can use for Blitzkrieg Commander and Crossfire along with MegaBiltz – all bases covered. J

The basing has also been decided.  30mm square for infantry, 60mm square for heavy weapons and 90mm square for artillery.  Transport elements on a 40mm frontage.  This seems to give the look I was after.

The figures and models are Airfix or Matchbox, but there are two metal Hinchcliffe ring-ins commanding or assisting with the 25pdrs. I was pleasantly pleased with how it all turned out.  I had been a bit apprehensive about all the fixed basing, being more used to unbased models, but I’m very happy with the result

Next is the reconnaissance and engineering units plus signals and more transport elements.  Then the LAA regiment and perhaps the third Field Artillery regiment.  I would also expect to do an extra HQ element or two and maybe some more infantry (as I have them in some sort of shape in the “spares” box).  I’d also like to add to 5.5” battery.  Maybe some armour too, but before I get too carried away I need to do some German units to be their opponents.


  1. Nice to see more progress with these chaps. The toys and bases look great.

  2. Some lovely stands, with good old fashioned classic hardware.

    Well done and keep it up.